Eminem News: Rapper god’s new album release date confirmed? 2017 compilation to feature Snoop Dogg, Adele

If recent reports are any indication, then Marshall Mathers, aka Eminem’s next album may be released sometime in 2017.

According to his Facebook page, the rapper announced in October that he is working on an album, right before he dropped “Campaign Speech” for the eager fans. Based on this confirmation, it is anybody’s guess that the new album should be ready next year.

Despite the confirmation, Eminem is yet to reveal more details about the upcoming album. There were also rumors that the rapper will bring some big names onboard for his forthcoming project. There are also speculations that recording with these big music stars is already underway.

There was also speculation that Snoop Dogg will be featured in Eminem’s new album as the rapper expressed his interest to work with Mathers. He called his collaboration with the Slim Shady and Dr. Dre as the “dream team.” Skylar Grey also reportedly revealed how much she enjoyed working with the rap legend.

Previous reports also indicated that there has been a leak suggesting that his next album has been titled as “Success.” However, there have been conflicting reports claiming that the new album will be called “Roots.”

Despite all the speculations, it is unclear whether the information leaked recently is legit or not. If the leak is indeed true, the Slim Shady is busy working with artists like Chance the Rapper, Adele and Mastein Bennet.

Meanwhile, another report indicated that it is unlikely that the star-album is a reality. Music critics are doubtful about Adele’s association with Eminem for his upcoming album. In fact, there have been reports about delay in his new music album due to recent incident with his ex-wife, who was arrested under the influence of alcohol, after she crashed her car. She is currently on probation, after the accident.

For now, the fans must take all the updates about Eminem’s new album with a grain of salt, until confirmed by the rapper himself.

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